Can you give me some quick help against prosperity Gospel landlord?

Hi! My landlord has been very subtle in their attempt at converting me. They know I am a devout Catholic who reads and studies a lot. However, they are hardcore Pentecostal and Prosperity Gospel. I’ve been nice and accepted the books and even read them (‘know thy enemy’), but I am feeling I need to confront the issue. Normally I would have no problem dealing with it. As a Lay Dominican I am fully confident in my ability to defend the Church and argue the points, but its my landlord :eek:! What is a nice, gentle way of getting around this issue without offending them? Preferably, I would love to play it down and hope it blows over. I’m looking for strategies more than anything else; I’m already used to ‘battling’ PG folks. Thanks!



I think you need to be clearer on what it is you want. You mention that your landlord has been very subtle in attempting to convert you; and yet your feel the need to confront the issue. Why? Do you really expect to argue your case in a gentle way and yet trounce your opponent?

You say that you would love to play it down and hope it blows over. If you want to remain living where you are and the landlord is really acting in a subtle way, then you have it made—unless you are the one who wants to make trouble. It seems to me that you can’t have it both ways, brother!

In our father, Dominic,

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P

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