Can you grasp the idea of not having jobs while in eternity?


If we are deserving of Heaven, once there,will we be in constant prayer? What will be Heaven like?
Is there anything in the scriptures about this subject?
I think it would be glorious, but being a person that every morning has a long to-do list
for one day. How would we fill an eternity?


Eternity is not really a lot of time.



A job is a necessary evil to pay bills! I would so love to not have to have a job, but instead be able to do the things I WANT to do!!




What Jim is saying (I believe) is that “time” is a physical reality. God, Heaven, Angels, etc. are spiritual and outside of the physical. Therefore, “time” as we think of it, does not exist. It is a mystery we’ll have to wait to experience when we get there. :wink:


Yes. I should have explained further. Eternity does not consist of an infinite stretch of time. Rather it is a way of possessing the totality of our being in a way which is not dependent on time as it is in this life.

In this life, we really only possess our being one instant at a time. Everything else is either past or future–either gone and reachable only by memory, or is not yet, and reachable only by anticipation.

God possesses the totality of his being as “now,” even those events that may intersect with human time. To Him, the past is now, the present is now, the future is now.

How will we experience eternity? We will have to wait and see.


Who said we are not going to have a job in eternity?
First of aLL, ETERNITY is not endless time.
As poster Tietjen rightly says, in Heaven time is not like earthen time. We shall not wear a watch and have days. We shall not experience the passing of time so we shall not be bored.
In order to know something about what happens in the afterlife, the only thing I have found is tales of souls on the other side who have communicated with us mortals, but unfortunately I don’t think this is a subject CAF allows to discuss, unfortunately.
It is very sad that there should be such censorship, but that’s the way it is.
All I can say is that there is a priest who has studied this subject in depth and has managed to remain a priest.
His name is François Brune.
He’s a priest and theologian and you can google his name but I don’t know if you will find materiual in English.
I think he’s French.
Anyway, don’t worry. We shall have plenty to do in Heaven.


Yes, I can grasp that idea.

:heaven: :harp:


Thank you for these explanatory answers that give me a better understanding, yet it remains a difficult concept to grasp for me.I find myself so ignorant among some of you that know so much.Where did you obtain this information about eternity( and the non existence of time as we know it) from?Is it in the scriptures,where? I know we created methods to measure time(clocks, and watches),but time exists in the universe.,we did not make it upWhat makes you think it would not exist in the beyond?Or how did you arrived at that knowledge?Is it pure intuition or something our Lord said?
Since my whole goal is to get to Heaven,this subject is of utmost importance to me.
Is this something you were taught, or something you read?
Eternity(according to dictionary)1-The whole of time without any end.
They mention the word "time’.
2-The state of existence after death that some people believe continues for ever.
“the state of existence” is what you referred to,isn’t it?
Since we as human have not experienced being in a kind of suspended “state of existence” before, am I the only one feeling some anxiety(although fruitless) about it?
Does this thread belong in philosophy,or I am ok here?


If I was you, I wouldn’t worry tioo much about these problems.
However, I shall try to find you some good article explaining how it is that there is no time in Heaven.
Space-time are finite, they belong to this finite Universe.
In the infinitre realm, there cannot be any time as we know it because it is infinite.
Time will stop one day, when this Universe finishes.
The afterlife will never finish, so there cannot be any time.

If I was you, I would concentrate on learning how to go to Heaven, to start with.
Don’t put the cart before the horse.
My advice is this: Learn your Bible and when you get stuck consult the explanations the Church gives officially (Vatican Website, for example).
We live in critical times and it is very very difficult to have the right idea about what needs to be done to go to Heaven.
The Lord himself said it is hard.
You listen to the ordinary Catholic and you’ll end up believing all you have to do is light candles:D;):slight_smile:


It is difficult to work hard all your life to get to a destination(Heaven) without the thirst for knowlege about that place.

Forgive the frivolous comparison, but it is like asking me to save all my life to be able to make a trip to a particulat location ,without wondering or asking about such place.
It is said also in a previous post that CAF forbids talking about it.



We do not work to get to heaven. We strive for a relationship with God. Even if heaven was an eternal rock pile filled with rats, (one frivolis comparison is deserving of another :blush:) we would want to go there because that is where God is, and we long to be with Him. Heaven will be wonderful whatever it is like, because there we will see God. All our wondering and asking should be focussed on God.

That being said, since the angels appear to have assigned tasks, I’m pretty sure that we will also have work to do, but it will not be onerous or burdensome.


What about this?
When visionaries see Our Lady they experience such peace and happiness (unlike anything we can experience on earth) that they would give up anything in this world to be with Her.
I don’t think anyone can give you a good idea of what it is like and probably nobody knows exactly what it is like.
Imagine you go there and you get all the love in the Universe, something like that.


Plus, there is no wickedness, no suffering, no illnesses, no death.
Is that enough?


That is surely enough.It is a beautiful concept my mind can grasp. Thank you.I will hold on to that.:heaven:


Get on with your journey, good luck and never give up, no matter what


“Tam”… you might want to hold on to this, too. :wink:

“But as it is written: “What eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, and what has not entered the human heart, what God has prepared for those who love Him,” this God has revealed to us through the Spirit.” (1 Corinthians 2:9-10)

God bless. :slight_smile:


Thank you to you too, Marie Veronica.


How could it be haven if we had jobs? :eek:


Work is holy. Even Adam and Eve in Eden had assigned tasks. Jesus Himself, our perfect example worked as a carpenter. The Benedictine motto is “to work and to pray”. Now I hate my job, but in heaven I believe our work will be a joy.

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