Can you grasp the idea of not having jobs while in eternity?


I am always involved in some project or work.To me is fun,and I try to apply creativity to it.
While somebody posted above,that jobs are necessary evils to pay bills,I think the opposite is true.When one is just hanging around looking for pastimes ,doing only what we want is often when the evil thoughts grab you.:egyptian:
Doing what is needed gives me a sense of purpose and keeps me happy.No evils.
If I make it to heaven,I hope I get a lot of jobs.:compcoff:



Surely we won’t need to be ‘given a sense of purpose’ or kept from being distracted by evil thoughts in Heaven - while we’re enjoying the Beatific Vision!

‘A sense of purpose’ is what we have now to fill in the gaps, because we lack fulness of communion with Him - this communion is our purpose, our ultimate end. As for evil thoughts - they only exist in His absence!



What you are saying is true.Your post was much better than mine.I guess I am too sleepy by now,and I did not put much thought in what I said.I better retire for today.
Here it is 11:30PM.Are you in the east coast? Tam



Totally different time zone - I’m Australian. It’s 1.30 in the afternoon on Wednesday in these parts.



I imagine, we will all have plenty of things to do. BUT it will not be work in any way that we know it. There will be no drudgery. You will not be bored, most likely you will choose what you want to do, you will not have some idiot boss, or be tied down to some place or schedule.

Imagine a job or tasks where you look forward to going to, where you want to be there and want to do whatever it is you are supposed to do, where you pick and choose the things you want to work on, the people you want to be with. I think Heaven will be everything folks say about it and more. I’m sure it will beat the heck out of the alternatve.:smiley:


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