Can you have a holy water stoup above your bed


I got the idea to put mine just above my bed. It is filled with holy water and I bless myself before I say my nightly prayers and I also bless myself when I wake up and recite the Morning Offering Prayer.

This is where I have placed it. Sorry my cam is so poor.


Beautiful idea. God bless you.


Of course! I put mine next to the door as you enter the house and the bedroom, as well as one in the hallway. But next to your bed is a great idea.


Yes, of course. Why not? Beautiful! :slight_smile:


Really nice! Your painting is lovely, too.


Now that is a fantastic idea. Yes, I am going to do the same.:slight_smile:


I have “the bottle” :slight_smile: (no need to clean …and I can douse my children…hee hee)

One nearby for before bed.

One in the oratory and one in the office.


Mine is in the traditional? Conventionial? place next to the front door. I need to replace it next trip to the Ave Maria store, It might hold a tablespoon and has to be refilled daily.


That’s such a cool idea! I’ve been thinking about getting a holy water stoup for my dorm, and putting it next to my bed would be really awesome. Perfect way to start and end the day!


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