Can you have a long-distance spiritual director--like over the net?


If I tried teaching English overseas again, but I was considering the religious life, could I do that and get spiritual direction about that and other concerns too? If so, could someone recommend one in KC or in other states, as I am still in Kansas, looking for jobs.



I’m not sure exactly what you’re need is - but I did hear years ago of a friend who had a spiritual confessor (I believe) - over the phone. If I understand it correctly (hope so), there was a number assigned to the individual who would give that number to the priest when calling - I’m guessing so that the priest would know which penitent he was dealing with, thereby having the spiritual history / difficulties attached to that number - while perhaps, keeping the anonymity of the penitent.

Sounds like it would be that way - but I never asked the details, since I heard it second-hand. That was before the net was REALLY big - and this could be similar. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind it - particularly if I found the RIGHT confessor for me - not necessarily for confession but for so many serious questions I have…It’s hard to take up priests’ time in confession box over certain matters that recur. If anyone knows more about this - phone more than net ( I think the net is dangerous) - I’d like to know. Thanks.


I do know you cannot confess over the phone. There must be some method for the deaf. Maybe they are allowed to pass messages back and forth.


Yes, you may have a spiritual director online, if going in person to the priest is impossible.

The deaf may write their sins down, or use sign language, in Confession. Whatever they think is best.


I have been asking questions and advice for concerns to:
They have helped me immensely. This may not be the same as having a spiritual advisor but you could probably ask them about that too.:thumbsup:


While my director was away studying for advanced degrees for a few years, we had to have our direction sessions using Skype or we would e-mail each other. It was not ideal. Now that he is home things are much better.


I guess I am luckier on that score.
We have a Website here in Italy called “Priests online” and that is where I found my spiritual director.
Not everybody had the guts to listen to me, given that I have had such an unusual kind of life.
I also “talked” to a Bishop over that site.
But I made friends with one of them and we are still in touch.
However, from what I hear, people look for a priest over the Net mainly for sentimental problems (girl-friends, boy-friends and the like). It is very sad.


I’m really looking for a soul and life coach. I don’t think my formation was that good, though religion class was a favorite. If I am meant for the religious life, I would like to know that too, but I don’t know if some sins, or the gravity of which, are in my head, due to scruples, or not. It may be that a religious community could exacerbate the scrupulosity I’m told I have, as one vocation director said, but there would be not the objects of temptation to idleness and I would not have to worry about any loved ones needing correction and if I am the one to do it (but who else will, anymore?). I figured the postulancy is when you see and the community sees, after various talks, if you are a fit and not based on the first phone call. I certainly don’t feel I will continue doing well in the world, at least not without a good spiritual director, but maybe a spiritual director could guess, based on several meetings, how I can succeed spiritually, personally and professionally. I really don’t know anymore.


Many spiritual directors are not priests. They are trained for it. Many priests only get a small amount of training in seminary on this subject. Anyone could probably get information from their diocese about available spiritual directors.


I think this is the best advice.
Ring your archbishop (or his deputy) and ask to talk to him.


Great! Thanks! I never thought about that! I hope it’s not another dead end. BTW I shot the archbishop, but I did not shoot the deputy. LOL


Here's a great piece on this topic from Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction!

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