Can You Have The Same Conformation Sponsor As Someone Else?

I want my boyfriend to be my sponsor, but he was already his brother’s sponsor. Do I have to look for another person to be my sponsor, or is it okay that he is a sponsor for the both of us?

He can sponsor more than one person, but are you sure that you want him to be your sponsor? What if that relationship does not work out?


At our parish, we recommend sponsors be of the same sex and make every effort to avoid personal/intimate relationships. This allows your catechesis and formation to flow more freely of your own will.

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When I look at old parish registers it’s not rare to see one woman as sponsor for all the girls confirmed in a year and one man for all the boys.

I understand the recommendation to avoid personal /intimate relationships, but how does a sponsor of a different sex inhibit catechesis and formation?

I think the idea was that conversations can arise that might be awkward.

The short answer is that there is no objection in principle to a person acting as the sponsor for multiple confirmation candidates, either all together on one date or separately, over the years.

However, the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship might perhaps be a problem. You’d better ask the priest about that.

A person may sponsor multiple people. I have sponsored several women through RCIA. Sponsoring more than one person in the same year is possible but is logistically problematic.

It is recommended that a sponsor not be a spouse or significant other of a catechumen or candidate much in the same way that a parent not sponsor a child.

My father in the 1960’s was confirmation sponsor for I believe 12 boys.

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