Can you have two Confirmation Names?

I recently discovered that I never received my sacrament of Confirmation when I was 14, as intended. So, I am going to receive the sacrament at Easter Vigil on April 4, 2015.

When I was 14, I chose Saint Theresa but, since I never actually received the sacrament, I am able to chose again. I still adore Saint Theresa but, I am having trouble deciding on either Saint Michael the Archangel or Saint Mary. I want BOTH!

Gosh they are both two of my favourite saints

Even men saints had Mary such as St. John Mary Vianney
(There are many!, she’s the most powerful saint in the church)

This following website says you CAN pick two confirmation names, eg Mary Michael

Thank you OurLadysServant!

Then Mary Michael it shall be! :slight_smile:

Be careful with that word.


Just use a hyphen :):):slight_smile:


In scripture, various people’s names are changed
Abram–> Abraham
Sarai --> Sarah
Jacob --> Israel
Saul --> Paul (or so it seems that his name was changed; it may have been that he had a Hebrew name and a Roman name, already)

the name change is supposed to signify new life, new personhood.

in baptism, our name is changed or given to signify our adoption by God.

Yes. I’m St Clare and St Paul.

I have two also. Saint Robert Bellarmine and St. Edward the Confessor. My father’s name was Robert Edward so really, I have three.

A boy could take the name of John Chrysostom.
Saint John Chrysostom is a Bishop and Doctor of the Church.

A Name at Confirmation? :confused:

Can someone explain or direct me to a thread that does?

Yes, my priest was on board with that. I am confirmed with Monica Christopher. I talked with my RCIA leader and we agreed that a new name for a new turn in the journey was most appropriate, even though I am already named for two saints. I was raised mostly Southern Baptist and associated my birth names with that journey.

I honestly wish people would call me Monica, but everyone calls me by my birth name.

I have two…Faustina Francis.

I will have two. Joseph Mary.

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