Can you help a young Catholic in the midst of this crisis?


I am 13 years old and am currently going through Confirmation through my church, and feel that I am building my relationship with Christ. But recent events have deeply troubled me. One of the kids in Confirmation class with me died in a house fire this week. I have been very emotional about this, as has the church and the community in the wake of this tragedy. I really do not know what I am asking for, but all I know is that I need some sort of guidance, and someone to point me in the right direction in the midst of this sadness. One thing that has made me very emotional was seeing my priest on the news walk over the ashes of our young friends house while spraying holy water over the rubble. This was just very upsetting for me to see. When I found out about our friends death in school yesterday I was in shock, and immediately just began praying, dropping my books praying. I do not know what I was praying for exactly, but just prayed to the Lord that he was watching over our friend, and that he was in His kingdom being watched. This event has really changed me and made me question my own life, and made me realize that my life could be over at any instant. Today, a day after the accident, I brought my rosary beads to school, and would reach into my pocket and pray, any time I would need help. This event has really shaken up my faith, as I can not understand why a boy so young, on his journey to Christ, would be taken so cruelly. His mother is currently in critical condition, as is his father. I guess what I am asking for is for some sort of guidance, some answers, some one to tell me why. How can I pray in regaurds to this? What should I do? Is there any advice on how to keep my faith and how to keep me on the right direction? I plan to go to mass this Sunday, but until then, I need help. Please.


Hi DJ,

Just tell the Lord how you feel. Acknowledge what you don’t understand and tell Him that you still love Him even without understanding. He knows what it is like to die cruelly. Because He died for us, none of us who love Him ever die alone. He is right there with us!

What we see here is only part of the picture. He sees the whole thing. He is the author of life and He alone has the right to take us when He determines the time. We are so comfortable with what we know and have experienced, it is difficult for us the think in terms of what we haven’t experienced. But whatever good we experience here is just a slight taste or what we will experience in heaven when we behold the Source of all good.

I understand how this is a difficult time for you, but one day we will be able to look back on this and see God’s wisdom in it. You are in my prayers. Write again if you like.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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