Can you help be regarding this embarrassing Confession?

I am a fourteen year old girl. I committed a mortal sin that I really regret and wish to confess. Let’s just say that it falls under ‘impure acts’.
The problem is that I go to a very small church and even though my priest has been here for less than a year he knows everybody by name. Once when I was in the confessional he even said "(my name), when are done here could you please ask your mother to come here, I need to ask her something."I don’t want his image of me to be tarnished and we rarely go to confession anywhere else, since he is the pastor of the two closest churches. I know that priests have taken a vow of privacy but I am a very shy, introverted person and care what people think of me. He is always reminding us that he was a prison chaplain for a long time and has heard everything there is to hear, but I’m Still really nervous. Any pointers on how to get through this?


Ask your parents to take you to a Catholic church were the priests don’t know you because you don’t feel comfortable going to Confession to your pastor. You have a right to go to another confessor. You can tell them that I said this. This has nothing to do with what you want to confess. You have the right to choose your confessor and I would hope that your parents would honor this.

If this is totally impossible, then recognize that priests rarely remember the sins they absolve because they hear so many of them. Priests go to Confession too, you know. We’re all in this together. Most of all, try to realize that it is truly the Lord who absolves you, even though it is through his priest. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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