Can you help explain this?


I just wanted to share an experience that just happened last night/early morning.
My wife had a nightmare last night and she was talking in her sleep. I woke up because I heard her speaking about someone being evil so I decided wake her out of her dream. When I woke her she seemed to be still in a dream state because she could not help but to stare at me in unbelief. I saw as she tried to refocus eyes to make sure she was seeing what she was actually seeing,it was like when I saw a vision of Jesus Christ in my old bedroom and I wanted to make sure I was not dreaming and she was doing the same thing.

When she finally broke the gaze she told me what she was staring at. She told me that my pupils were a brilliant white light, only the pupils. She said the light was so bright it was like if they were glowing. Nothing scarey she says but a light so bright she could nt believe what she was seeing. I don’t know what to think of that,I told her she must have seen my spirit.


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