Can you help me prepare for my first confession?

I’m not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, but I will post it here anyway, just in case. I am currently going through RCIA in the U.K. and am very much looking forward to my confirmation at the Easter Vigil on April 7. On March 29 I will be going to confession, my first. I am really unsure of what exactly I’m supposed to say. Obviously the priest won’t want to hear my life story so I guess what I really want to know is what I’m supposed to confess to in terms of detail. I hope I have made sense as I am really anxious about my confession and really don’t want to say things that are not relevant and waste the priest’s time.

Congratulations, and welcome home! I suggest that you ask your RCIA leader for an examination of conscience (see the link below for an example). Using the examen, think back over your life to the time of your baptism. (If that was when you were a baby, then your entire life.) Jot down any serious sins that occur to you while reading through and meditating on the examen. Take the notes with you to your confession (and be sure to destroy them afterward). You can then use your notes to help you confess. Since you’ll start the confession by mentioning that this is your first confession, you might add “Please help me to make a good confession.” The priest can then assist you in making a good confession.

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