Can you help me refute these anti-Catholic allegations?

I’m having trouble understanding how this that I read is not true can you please help?can you maybe explain a bit and give me any bible verse where states the opposite thank you. :confused:
(The Roman Catholic Church says it never changes; yet, it invents new doctrines which are contrary to the Bible, and has practiced rites and ceremonies taken bodily from paganism. Some scholar has found that 75% of the rites and ceremonies of the Roman Church are of pagan origin.

The Sign of the Cross, the use of wax candles, incense and holy water, praying to angels and deceased saints, the false doctrine of purgatory (established by Pope Gregory I in the 6th century) and praying for the dead are all rooted in paganism and were adopted into the R.C. Church centuries after the death of Christ)

The following link should assist you in better understanding the Catholic Church’s teaching on Catholicism’s true roots. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
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