Can you help me to help a woman contemplating an abortion?

I had a call today from a patient’s sig other asking for help doing a procedure, she is pregnant and on a Zofran pump to help control her hyperemesis. During the conversation he told me that she had made a decision to get an abortion, he is a minister and was trying to get her to go to church with him, but she is too sick to go. It sounded like he was not in agreement with her. I told him I would look for some things to help him with her decision and send it to him. I went to Catholic answers first, then other sites that came up from a google search. I found all kinds of info on abortion, scripture relating to death and murder, on treatment after abortion, but nothing that could be said to a woman to help her to make the decision not to get an abortion. Scripture is fine but impersonal, I was looking for something to say to disuade her, something from the heart.

I sent what I could find to him with the following message: I know that she is really sick right now with the nausea and vomiting, but remember it only lasts a few months, and then there’s labor and delivery, but in the end you have a beautiful baby that is part of each of you, a gift from God. I probably shouldn’t be talking to you about this, but I feel so very strongly about it, and you are Christian and a minister and understand. It is said that when a woman is so very sick it is because her hormone level is very high and it is a good pregnancy. I will pray for the three of you, and I have a friend who is chronically ill and can’t do much, her job is to pray, I’ll call her to pray for you, also.

God bless the three of you.

I’m sorry this is probably longer than you like but I just want to know if there is somewhere that I can find that kind of info, maybe other women talking about their experiences that I can share?

Thank you for your time,



Try Rachel’s Vinyard. It has powerful stories about what abortion has done to mothers and how they can recover.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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