Can you help me with teaching my grandchild about the resurrection?

I recently had the opportunity to take my five year old grandson to church. He has never been introduced to the Catholic liturgy or even been inside a church. His parents are good people, my daughter was raised a Catholic but neither of them are practicising Catholics or even going to church.

When I told my grandson that if he believed in Jesus he would never die he became quite happy. When his father took him outside to go home it seems that the child was saying a prayer of thanksgiving while looking up at a lamppost for his gratitude of eternal life. His father told him not to believe this way since no one has returned from the dead except Jesus and so it is not something to count on.

I understand that the doctrine of eternal life may cause some confusion I still believe it important to begin the child’s education in Christian faith.

What to do to continue to encourage and teach my precious grandson? I do not want to alienate his father or my daughter with heavy handed ideology/theology.

Thank you.:slight_smile:


You need to inform the father that Jesus promised this and His own resurrection shows us that He is quite trustworthy. The more you discuss such issues in a friendly, non-threatening way, the more conscious of the Lord you daughter and son-in-law will be. You really need to get them on your side about this. Otherwise, there will be trouble.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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