Can you help me with this paradox? How to reconcile with others while avoiding bad company


The Bible says that we should reconcile with others when we are angry with them. But it also says that we should avoid bad company and flee temptation. What should we do, then, if we find cause to be angry with someone who is a bad influence? If we call them out on it, then we are meeting with them and placing ourselves in bad company.

Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to address all the wrongs one has done you. In which case, we would have to meet with a bad influence on multiple occasions. If we find that a person tempts us, in whatever way, does that take priority over reproving them for every wrong they have done us? Is it better to avoid them (flee temptation) than redress every wrong?


Avoiding the temptation takes priority if you feel you would be tempted beyond your self-control.

Calling someone out for bad behavior or something they did to you is not necessarily what the verses in Mt 5 are referring to. It’s referring to a legal situation. But anyway, you don’t have to call people out if they have abused or mistreated you. You can forgive them by writing them a letter and you never have to see them again.


Interesting. I can see how verses 25-26 refer to a legal situation, but how do verses 22-24 refer to a legal situation? I would be curious to know.

Thanks for your idea of writing a letter.


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