Can you help me with this?


Hi everyone< Maybe someone out here can help point me to the right place in the bible where I can research this. here is my dream and I want to research this in the bible if possible. Thank you!

In my dream I was taken down deep underground to a secret chamber somewhere…as I looked up I was in a narrow hallway with a door to the left and right of me. The left door started to close immediately while the right door took a little longer to close. As I walked towards the right door I had a very strong negative energy started to push me back as the door started to close. As I walked towards the door I automatically started saying, “In the name of GOD, open” and the opened back up but with great opposition to me.Now as I recall I never said the words out loud but I said them inside my heart.
As I continued walking I recall GOD being in me, I felt as if I could feel what Jesus must have felt like…
I walked towards a door that lead to something like an auditorium where there were a few people sitting around inside waiting…waiting for what I didn’t know but I knew I was there to get someone.
As I looked around I felt who I was there for, I was there to get John or Lazarus and take them back with me. As I found him sitting in the back I saw it was Lazarus…I came to take him back up. As he stood up to greet me I held out both my hands and said out loud, “This is for all to witness so that you may believe”
As he put his hands into mine we started to ascend upwards over the people and as we did I kept speaking out loud," This is for those whom have not awakened and that they may see who they are and do what I am doing and if you can not awaken call on me and I will lead you out."

We ascended above the city and as I looked down I felt a great sadness inside my heart like I have never felt before, I cried so hard and my heart hurt so badly that I had to stop and we settled on the ground…Lazarus asked, “what was wrong?” I answered by saying, “I feel the sadness of GOD because his people do not remember who they are.”

I felt what I thought GOD was feeling. It was a sadness so deep I can not describe. I woke up at 4:30am and could not go back to sleep.
All the time in the dream I wasn’t praying in the name of Jesus but In the name of GOD.


I am unaware of any place in the Bible this may have pertained to. If you feel profoundly affected by your dream, please wait on it a little while. Almost all dreams are figments, and their effects probably wouldn’t be lasting. A dream that makes a long term effect on you could be inspired from above or from below.

If your dream continues to affect you, in my opinion perhaps after you’ve given it three to five days, you may set up an appointment with a priest.


I really don’t think anyone can claim to know the sadness of God because to know the sadness of God you would have to know the mind of God.

And the bible said thats not possible.

As far as praying in the name of God the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit I see no difference.

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