Can you help me with this?

I’ve lost my faith last year due to a website called Sabbath Covenant. I could refute all the things claimed there, but there is a disturbing article on that site. It claims that he got a letter from the Illuminati.
I1ve found an archived version of the site mentioned in the letter. I need help in determining whether is it a real Illuminati site. There are many fake sites made only for monetary gain. Also, this site was tied with an occult book company, Leilah Publications LLC, a corporation with trademark. Are all occult bookstores tied with the Illuminati? Since the site was tied with a corporation, it is more like a club for fanatics. The bookstore is still active, as their Facebook profile shows.

What exactly is the Illuminati?

So why does any of that make you lose your faith?

Not sure about what the website is… But I am sure how to have to gain back your faith.

Everyday take a few minutes of quiet time and pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for it to guide you back home. Continue to do this until you find home.

Ask and you receive. Pray Pray Pray. And forget about the website. Open up the Holy Bible.

What are you asking for? Are you asking for help restoring your faith or this illuminati. How did you lose your faith specially.

I would suggest that you ignore and refrain from visiting sites such as that. It is obviously unhealthy for you.

As to various secret groups that may or may not exist, and may or may not control the country/world/etc, all I can say is that even if true, it shouldn’t affect your faith or beliefs. Christians throughout history will face troubles and persecution (Christ promised we would). The first Christians were martyred for the faith in some horrific ways. But that didn’t shake their resolve.

Go to Mass, receive the sacraments, and pray. And then be at peace. Pay attention to the words at Mass, when the priest says the words of Christ, “My peace I give to you”.

I don’t see any letter, but based on his description it sounds like someone was messing with him. For example he says that in his threat he decided to tell him everything about the Illuminati. While this is common for bad guys in TV shows to help drive plot it is quite unrealistic for a supposedly secret organization that controls everything.

The author of that site has some serious issues and needs our prayers.

I’d like to know whether the Illuminati site linked to the publisher takes it seriously. And the letter was atached to the page. And what kind of Illuminati wants a trademark?

I am still trying to understand how whether or not the publisher takes it seriously or any of that affects your own faith. There are a lot of people out there with all kinds of stories in their minds.The question for you or any of us (I think) is to be aware of your own story. What is the story in your mind? What do you think?

On the matter of faith and the lack of it, it seems that you have faith in something or it wouldn’t concern you much. I think you are looking for a context, for instance, do you believe in what Christians believe, or do you believe something else? What does your own personal experience tell you? Perhaps that’s what you should e listening to.

It affects my faith in the part of Catholicism or even my whole Christianity. I need real answers to whether the email is from an actual Illuminati member and whether the group is an actual Illuminati organization or just a stupid cult. I need a through refutation of the said group since refraining from these sites doesn’t help.
EDIT: I don’t have a time machine so I can’t be sure in the Catholic rooting of the Church or even Jesus’ divinity and the actuality of the NT. I’m trying to aim for Heaven… but this causes many problems for me.

Illuminati members are people, and they have ideas like anyone else. Catholics are people and we have ideas too. There is no official universal organization that can proclaim any of these ideas as real. As for cults, they are usually labeled as such because of the numbers of their ranks and the extent to which their ideas diverge from the ideas of the mainstream. This doesn’t necessarily make them “stupid” or even wrong.

Your life is what you are all about. Your experiences and the meaning you find in your experiences in your life. It is not about what other people think. Whether God is Jesus or Zeus or the Cat in the Hat, your experience is probably God had in mind in making your life possible. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many of us. If my religion was the only way in which God expected the world to be experienced, He would only have made me. The fact that he made you means that you have a purpose, and the fact that there are the two of us, or 3 billion of us means that each of us has a purpose, and that purpose has to be your experiences. Anything you have ever encountered or can encounter is experience. Union with God, separation from God, love, anger, joy, sorrow, a day at the fair, a day at the office, a weeks vacation or a week in the hospital, your hopes and your dreams - these are all experience. That is your purpose. You have found God by living out your purpose. The question I think is what you want that to be. Do you want your purpose to be foraging through websites looking for truths, or do you want to live out your own truths? God didn’t anoint anyone to make ideas official. Your ideas are as official as any. What are your ideas?

These websites you are fretting over, they are just posted by people. Even people with credentials and official capacity to proclaim truth can be just as insane as any outpatient panhandling by a subway stop. Even many people with credentials and official capacity of some sort or another can be insane as well. Whole societies can even behave in insane ways. Look around you. You are as good a person as any to trust, I think. So why don’t you find the truth for yourself?

Forget about the illuminati. These websites are rubbish and will not give you peace of mind or bring you closer to God. Start reading the bible and seek the truth above.

I know that there are fake groups, since I was told that Masons avoid publicity and don’t disclose sensitive information. Also, are the books at Leilah based on the lies of A. Hislop and others?

In order for you to know that Hislop’s ideas are lies, you must first know what the truth is. And if you know what the truth is, it is curious that you should be concerned with Hislop. Likewise if there are “fake groups” you must in turn know what groups are authentic. Knowing what is true and authentic, why are you concerning yourself with what you have judged to be lies and those you have judged to be fake? Just curious.

Hope this helps:

  1. If it is an actual email, how does that affect the truth of Christianity? There are billions of people who deny the truth of Christianity, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

  2. What true proof has been given on that website? Other than a bunch of text claiming to be an email, there is no evidence.

  3. I scanned over the purported email. It is a rambling, incoherent mess. Apparently the King has returned in 2007, and none of us was aware of it. Six years after his prediction, it hasn’t come true.

  4. This passage I’m assuming is causing you consternation:

Don’t be fooled by the use of “God”, that is a title not a name. He identifies their “God” as Allah not YHWH. Allah is the moon-god, Lucifer. He identifies the Royal Family of Scotland. This the bloodline of the Prince of Wales. He also mentions: Just like Elohim’s Daath IHSLAAM, which is the Catholic Church’s created religion to counter Israel… Islam. I already know Islam is a man made religion founded by the Pope of Rome to destroy Israel. IHS is Latin for the Father/Son/Holy Ghost, the trinity, which is the pagan Mystery of the Roman Catholic Church and foundation of the False Religion. It is the mark of Satan that counters the Mark of YHWH which is the Shema.

  • Why would the Christian religion create another religion? Especially to counter Israel? At the time of the creation of Islam by Mohammed in the 600’s, the Christian religion dominated the entire middle east.

  • If the Pope wanted to destroy Israel, wouldn’t it have just been easier to declare war on Israel? Instead they claim the Pope created another religion, which would overrun and cause 1,000 years of war and torment??? That makes no sense at all.

  • The history is decidedly clear that the Christian faith is NOT pagan, and not from pagan sources. This is not debatable. Even those who are not Christian agree on this.

  1. The entire website looks like the ramblings of a very disturbed person, who needs help from psychiatrists and mental-health professionals.

Have peace, and learn the Catholic faith. This is a bunch of wild claims, with no support or evidence. For 2,000 years the Church has been attacked from one group or another. And they have all passed, but the Church remains. Just as with this unfortunate soul who runs that site. His claims will be like dust in the wind and forgotten in a few years, but God’s Church, the Catholic Church, will still be here.

What do you mean “fake groups”? You haven’t even yet established that there are any groups of “Illuminati”, hence my first post in this thread.

What exactly is the Illuminati, and how do you know that they exist (aside from silly conspiracy theorist websites and youtube videos)? Furthermore, you’ve asked us to refute the illegitimacy of a letter from an alleged Illuminati member posted on some other stranger’s personal website. Even assuming that we know that the Illuminati are real, how on God’s green earth could we possibly vet the authenticity of this letter?

Are you in a habit of believing anything and everything any person says on the Internet? For Christ’s sake this “letter” isn’t even a facsimile of a letter, it’s just a typed version of an email. What kind of legitimate information do you expect a reasonable observer to glean from this besides that the person who posted it is a loon?

Fake groups are groups claiming themselves Illuminati. There is a group of esoteric and occultists called Nexus Illuminati I think which has no affilation to the official group. There are many marketing schemes that try to attract people using popular names. Though comopanies can be linked to the Illuminati or other evil organizations, this site cries “BUY MY PRODUCTS PL0X”. I want to know whether the material on that site or publishing are based on the rubbish of Hislop, Rivera and Chick. (Also, a very disturbing article on that site might refer to the plagiarism of Crowley)

Anyone could write the letter and claim to be anyone in the letter. The website author, or someone messing with the website author, are good candidates.

I worked in retail for many years and you wouldn’t believe the customer letters that were sent to where I was employed, including people accusing my former employer of being agents for Satan.

Should be taken seriously, in the form of, the person(s) writing are serious and are in need. But what is written isn’t factual, reflects either the anxieties of imagination, or a cruel sense of humor.

There is no reason to believe assertions that have no facts behind them.

That letter is a very poor joke or hoax, whichever you prefer. :eek:

If I were you, I’d stop looking at stuff like this and if you receive emails with that type of content, treat it as spam at the least and satanic at worst. It’s a load of old rubbish and it is obviously doing it’s job of weakening your resolve in the true faith, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
Go to confession, hear Mass, receive Holy Communion and pray. Pray for our wonderful Pope Francis to shepherd us all in the true light of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for all those who don’t believe, that they may one day soften their hearts and follow Our Saviour. And pray for those poor misguided, deluded, lost sheep who spend their time and energy coming up with the sort of garbage you have been taken in by.
Pray to your Heavenly Mother, Our Lady.
Pray to your Guardian Angel.
Go for it! You’ve nothing to lose and all to gain, especially that peace, happiness and love that only the Holy Trinity can give.
May God bless you always and may you never stray from the straight, narrow road to Heaven.

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