Can you help me with this?


Im 13 yeats old and have been masturbating due to high levels of stress from undiaognosed mental issues from irritating sounds or feelings. whenever I get annoyed, I always feel the need to masturbate and do it multiple times a day. I have started when I was about 8, not knowing what I as doing, but today I have learned it is a grave sin. My father was raised catholic, and I tend to want to go to church, but my mother doesnt want like the idea as her mother was jewish, and she has very little religious stand point. However I knkw when im old enoguh to live on my own, I most likely will go every sunday. To continue my story, almost every day I pray and thank our lord for everything he has given me. Now that I know that masturbating is wrong I feel bad and gross doing it, and I feel like god is beginning to hate me. I have no acsess to confessionals, but does god forgive me? I feel extreamly bad, and am tempted to stop, but cannot… I do not know what to do and im crying right now to figure it out. PLEASE HELP ME. I dont wanna go to hell… :frowning:

Hi Buddy,

You are using this activity to relieve stress and probably to escape from anxious moments. But it seems to be causing more stress and anxiety by the fact that you are worried about its sinfulness. I suggest that you find some other ways to relieve stress, like physical exercise. The Lord loves you and recognizes your difficult situation. I realize that this activity has become habitual with you. Such habits are difficult to bread and the Lord understands this. Keep praying to Him. He is very close to you and is the reason you decided to write us here. As long as you truly want to please Him, you will not go to hell—even if you fall at times. Always seek His forgiveness. If you wish to write me privately, just click on my name above. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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