Can you help me with tithing?

Please can you elaborate on tithing? I’ve been wanting to try tithing but need more answers about it. Do you tithe on gross pay or net pay? If I begin tithing can I ever stop or will God’s graces prevent me from ever stopping? If I retire am I able to drop my tithing down to a lesser amount, even though it will remain at 10 %.

 I do give a good amount to the Church and I feel every time I give a larger amount I receive more than I originally gave and it makes me feel good inside. 

 My husband on the other hand feels we give too much to the Church and would like not to give as much.  He will go along with me if I can get some answers to these questions.




Tithing belongs to the old Law. The Church does not require it. What does require it that people ought to give according to their means. This could be more than 10% for some and less for others.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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