Can you help me?

Last year at this time I was into extreme Traditionalism (SSPX, then Sedevacantism). These people lied to me, put me through hell and confused me. I wasn’t as strong in my faith, so I guess I was an easy target.

Those same ultra-Traditionalists told me to sell my “novus ordo” Catholic books because they were infested with modernism. I listened to them. I had a huge collection of books that I had spent years collecting. I used that money to buy the traditionalist books they suggested I get.

Once I came to my senses (by the grace of God), I sold the traditional books and was able to get a few of the “novus ordo” books back. Due to all this I was left deep in credit card debt, I am now facing bankruptcy. Due to that I cannot afford to get these books back.

I am humbly asking if any of you , if you have extra copies could maybe help me out. This is no scam, Catholic Answers was able to supply me with some books of theirs which I am grateful for. I can prove my claims. I’m sorry to even ask this but I was made a fool of by these ultra-traditionalists and I would like to get the books back I had bought for my wife and I and our children. I pray someone will be able to help.

*** If anyone can help, please PM me and I will PM you a list, thank you and God bless.

Most of our books are packed because we are hoping to move (we sound pretty sure it is going to happen, huh). I will ask my husband. My of our extras we have donated already. Please pray for my best friend and her family, they are still caught up in all of that.

I will pray for your friend and her family. I know what it did to me and my family, its not a good place to be.

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It might help to post a short sampling of these “novus ordo” books you’re looking to replace. Titles? Authors?

Catagory # 1 God

  • Jesus of Nazareth - Benedict XVI - Ignatius Press
  • Abba Father, Deepening Our Relationship with God the Father - Edward G. Maristany - Scepter
  • Understanding the Trinity - Fr. J.P. Arendzen - Sophia Institute Press
  • True Devotion to the Holy Spirit - Archbishop Luis Martinez - Sophia Institute Press
  • The Little Book of the Holy Spirit - Fr. Bede Jarrett - Sophia Institute Press
  • The Living God - Fr. Romano Guardini - Sophia Institute Press
  • Contemplating the Trinity - Fr. Ranerio Cantalamessa - Word Among Us Press
  • Sober Intoxication of the Spirit - Fr. Ranerio Cantalamessa - Servant Publications
  • A Father Who Keeps His Promises - Scott Hahn

Catagory # 2 Bible

  • Ignatius Study Bibles booklets:
  • Matthew
  • Mark
  • Luke
  • Acts
  • Romans
  • Philippians, Colossians & Philemon
  • Corinthians 1 & 2
  • Hebrews
  • Thessalonians, Timothy & Titus
  • Galations & Ephesians
  • Lectio Divina: An Introduction to Praying the Bible - Mariano Magrassi
  • Bible RSV-CE small, boxed tan/brown leather - Ignatius Press
  • The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith - John Salza - OSV
  • A Biblical Defense of Catholicism - Dave Armstrong - Sophia Institute Press

Catagory # 3 Prayer:

  • Praying in the Presence of Our Lord for the Holy Souls - Susan Tassone - Our Sunday Visitor
  • The Handbook of Indulgences - hardback
  • Commonsense Book of Catholic Prayer & Meditation - Hilda Gdaef - Sophia Institute Press
  • The Liturgy of the Hours 4 volume set

Catagory # 4 Sin / Confession

  • The Prodigal Son - George Chevot - Scepter

Catagory # 5 Purity / Chastity / NFP

  • Theology of the Body - Pope John Paul II - Pauline Books & Media
  • The Art of Natural Family Planning - John F. Kippley - Couple to Couple League
  • Men, Women and the Mystery of Love: Practical Insights from John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility - Ed Sri

Catagory # 6 Catechism / Formation

  • The Sacraments and Their Celebration - Nicholas Halligan - Wipf & Stock Publishers
  • The Gift of Faith - Father Tadeusz Dajczer - In The Arms of Mary (Publisher)

Catagory # 7 Spirituality

  • In Conversation with God Vol. 1,2,6,7 - Francis Fernandez - Scepter
  • How To Profit From Your Faults - Joseph Tissot - Scepter
  • The Simple Way To God - Bishop Emmanuel de Gibergues - Sophia I.P.
  • Awakening the Soul to the Presence of God - Fr. Kilian Healy - Sophia I.P.
  • The Spiritual Life - Fr. Jean Nicolas Groa - Sophia Institute Press
  • Spiritual Excellence - Archbishop Albon Good… - Sophia I.P.
  • Ten Minutes A Day to Heaven - Fr. J.P. Arendzen - Sophia I.P.
  • Answers Not Promises - Mother Angelica - Ignatius Press
  • God Help Me, These People Are Driving Me Nuts - Greg Popcak
  • The Theology of Christian Perfection - Fr. Antonio Royo & Jordan Aumann - 1962
  • John Climacus: The Ladder of Divine Ascent - Colm Luibheid - Paulist Press
  • Spiritual Direction & Spiritual Directors - Joseph Paul Kozlowski - Queenship

Catagory # 8 Family Life

  • Courtship & Marriage - Steve Wood
  • Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters - Dr. Meg Meeker

Catagory # 9 Saints / Angels

  • Through the Year with Padre Pio - Patricia Treece - Charis
  • A Man For Others - Patricia Treece - Harper & Row
  • The Apostles - Pope Benedict XVI - Ignatius Press

Catagory # 10 Catholic Living

  • God Help Me! These People Are Driving Me Nuts - Greg Popcak - Loyola Press

Catagory # 11 Popes / Vatican

  • The Bones of St. Peter - John Evangelist Walsh - Doubleday

Catagory # 12 Church History

  • The Early Church Fathers - Mike Aquilina

Catagory # 13 Mary

  • The Many Faces of Mary: Book 1 - Bob & Penny Lord
  • The Many Faces of Mary: Book 2 - Bob & Penny Lord
  • Our Lady Of Guadalupe (title? 1993 - Dan Lynch
  • Introduction to Mary - Mark Miravalle, S.T.D. - Queenship Pub.

- Here is the rest:

***Catagory # 14 Eucharist
***- The Truth About the Eucharist - Rev. John Howling - Liguori

  • Come to Me: In the Blessed Sacrament - V. Lucia
  • An Hour With Jesus Vol. 1 - The Rheil Foundation
  • An Hour With Jesus Vol. 2 - The Rheil Foundation
  • This Is My Body, This Is My Blood Vol. 2 - Bob & Penny Lord

***Catagory # 15 Mass
***- Experiencing the Mass with Heart and Mind - Liguori

  • 30 Questions about the Mass - Liguori
  • The Adoremus Hymnal (pew edition) -
  • The Mass, Its Roots & Relevance in our Lives - Joan Carter McHugh - Witness

Catagory # 16 Novels

  • none

*********Catagory # 17 Virtues
***- The Book of Virtues - William J. Bennett - Simon & Schuster

***Catagory # 18 Apologetics & Salvation
***- What you Should Know About the End Times - Liguori

  • The Catholic Verses, 95 Bible Verses … - Dave Armstrong - Sophia
  • Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis - Harper San Francisco
  • Crossing the Tiber - Stephen K. Ray - Ignatius Press
  • Rome Sweet Home - Scott Hahn - Ignatius Press
  • Suprised by Truth - Patrick Madrid - Sophia Institute Press
  • Suprised By Truth 2 - Patrick Madrid - Sophia Institute Press
  • No Price Too High - Alex Jones - Ignatius Press
  • Reasons To Believe - Scott Hahn

***Catagory #19 Healing & Deliverance, Spiritual warfare, Demons
***- Pigs In The Parlor - Frank Hammond - Impact

  • Glimpses of the Devil - M. Scott Peck - Free Press
  • Resist the Devil: A Pastoral Guide to Deliverance & Prayer - Charles W. Harris - Greenlawn Press

***Catagory # 20 Spirituality for Men
***- Behold the Man - Deacon Harold Burke Sivers - EWTN

Catagory # 21 Ecumenism

  • What You Should Know About World Religions - Liguori
  • Islam Unveiled - Robert Spencer - Encounter Books

***Catagory # 22 Religion & Health
***- Arise From The Darkness - Fr. Benedict Groeshel - Ignatius Press

***Catagory # 23 Second Vatican Council
***- Vatican Council II: Constitutions, Decrees, Declarations - Austin Flannery O.P. - Costello Pub. Co.
cont. - In Inclusive Language (Green cover)

***Catagory # 24 Heaven, Hell & Purgatory
***- Praying in the Presence of Our Lord for the Holy Souls - Susan Tissone - OSV

  • Catherine of Genoa - Surge Hughes - Paulist Press
  • Land of the Living - Fr. James O’Connor

***Catagory # 25 “Other”
***- Mother Angelica, A Remarkable… - Raymond Arroyo

  • A Man Called Francis - Fr. Robert J. Fox - FFAI
  • Mother Angelica - Dan O’Neill
  • Noise - Teresa Tomeo - Ascension Press
  • Into Great Silence - DVD 2005
  • Catholicism: Now I get it! - Claire Furia Smith - OSV
  • Salt of the Earth - Ignatius Press - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Wow, what a wonderful collection you had! My first reaction to reading your list was a sense of longing. It made me think that while you sold the books and used the money to buy the other ones, and now you regret that, those books are probably doing many people a lot of good right now. Gosh, if I had even five of your titles I know my life would be improved. Maybe that’ll help you feel not so upset about having to rebuild your library.

I do have Crossing the Tiber and Rome Sweet Home and Arise from the Darkness if you still need those (PM me). I purchased them at a time when we needed them but have moved forward since then. I’d rather see them go to someone who would use them than collect dust on my shelf. If I come to need them again someday I’ll buy a used copy on

Good luck with the other titles.

Makes me wonder if there are any Catholic Book Exchange sites like for helping communities pass on their used items to others.


Are you in debt or just wanting NO books? I wouldn’t get into Angelus books or ones from the SBC or Fatima Crusader, but most TAN books (gotta watch some of the what went wrong with Vatican 2 books as they could lead you out of the Church unless you have a strong obedient trad. priest) are reprints of great Catholic works and I think all the Sophia books are probably good (the reprinted classics, at least). Roman Catholic Books prints the Douay-Rheims (sp?) Bible or is it this 1962 Missal with many other prayers? I can’t remember now.

Some conservative N.O. books can have modernistic, but not overt or covertlty-intended, thinking behind their ideas. I read one thing from a level head about something mistake Gregory Popcheck (sp?) said and one about something Fr. Levis or the other one from that show they do together said. This “it’s only a small ‘t’ tradition” thing is bad stuff as people who drop those things, just because some are oriented too completely to those things, can, with the gates cracked, open themselves further to disbelieving defide teachings. There are powerful symbolisms in the pre-Vatican 2 art, rites, prayers, architecture and music that were dropped without heresy but also without due caution in a puritanical expulsion of things deemed temptations for “attachments”. I’m not for Far East ditching of dualism in the least, but we in the West do tend to swing hard to the opposite line of thinking when we feel a license and so we miss the point.

Even conservative Catholics bemoan that on EWTN and other popular conservative Catholic media in books, but unfortunately, do not call the bishops, even the conservative ones who welcome the TLM, to task for allowing that, and heretical Catholic schools, to continue in their dioceses.

Oh, man. Sorry about that. I wish I had the knowledge to give away a thousand or two here in S. Korea. I didn’t even have that much when I had my most and I used up most driving around, buying books and CDs and going on vacations with a friend. I hope you can pull out. Don’t go back for the hate Vatican 2 books. I have my problems with how things have been run since, and think there may have been covertly semantic, but not overtly heretical, loopholes built-in by some liberation theologists, but I think the rage is also covert in these books.
The soul is most important. I hope you’re not overly melancholic. Debt would be extremely rough on you in that case. I’ll have to say some prayers.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but any condition (as long as its readable) is fine. I’d also be interested in any books that are about refuting extreme Catholic Traditionalism.

I don’t have any books but I wanted to suggest something regarding your debt. You might want to check out Financial Peace University given through talk radio show host Dave Ramsey. He has baby steps that help you get out of debt and plan for your future. My husband and I are currently enrolled. Out debt is small but with hopes of starting a family soon, we decided to get ourselves in gear! You can find out about FPU at The classes are normally taught at churches of all denominations. Dave is a Christian that has been bankrupt and is now a millionaire many time over. The main thought in this class is “don’t spend what you don’t have” It’s not a get rich quick scheme but it does help get you on track. We had a lady and her husband come to our class and tell us how in August 2005 they were $150K in debt. They will be out of debt by this time next year! I just wanted to spread the word to you in case it’s something that could help you as it has many others!

“Debt is normal, be weird!”

Oh man! I forgot about him! He is even a self-professed on the air Christian too!

“I’m debt free!” I think is the cheer he has people shout when they come on with their success story.

That’s him!! My favorite part is when people call in and mention that they are living with their bf/gf and they don’t know how to split the bills or whatever the question is. He tells them they shouldn’t be living together before marriage. Then he goes on to share the % of divorce rate for people that have lived together prior to marriage, etc. He doesn’t hold back man. He is a Christian first, and everything comes after that!

I have a few books also that maybe someone would be willing to make a trade or two. Thanks.


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