Can you help me?


i am a young girl who was born into a catholic grandmother is still a firm believer, and when i was a child, we always went to church. my parents divorced when i was 2 years old and it was downhill after that. i know that i want to be as strong a catholic as my grandmother, but i haven’t been able to pursue that. all my life i have pretty much been what most would call a problem child. i never really did well in school and like many children i lied to my parents. and i have to admit that i still do from time time. i don’t like the path that i am headed down and i want to change. i recently went to a visitation for my aunt’s mother and one of the sister’s from our catholic church offered me a set of rosary’s and i was feeling really out of place as everyone was saying the prayer with the priest and going along the rosary and praying about the mysteries. at that point i knew that it was definitely time for me to get back into the catholic religion. i have never been to confession, and i haven’t been to catholic church in a really long time. i want to go to heaven, but i know i have a lot of work to. so i guess my question is how can i get help online? is there online confession? i need help!!



Just go to a Catholic church and ask to see a priest. I’m sorry that one cannot go to Confession on line or by phone. It has to be in person.

If you have further questions, you may contact me privately by clicking on my name in red above. You are in my prayers.

Fr. VIncent Serpa, O.P.

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