Can you help with this Jehovahs Witnesses - Identity of "the word" issue?


Can you please enlighten me about the this issue, I have a neighbour who is JW and kept in insisting if he can speak to me about introducing JW. One day I told him maybe we can exchange ideas through email and he sent me this one. cause I asked him about the the bible trtanslation. Can you help me to understand so that I can explain to him in return. Thanks and God bless!

Identity of “the Word”?
Many Greek scholars and Bible translators acknowledge that John 1:1 highlights, not the identity, but a quality of “the Word.” Says Bible translator William Barclay: “Because [the apostle John] has no definite article in front of theos it becomes a description . . . John is not here identifying the Word with God. To put it very simply, he does not say that Jesus was God.” Scholar Jason David BeDuhn likewise says: “In Greek, if you leave off the article from theos in a sentence like the one in John 1:1c, then your readers will assume you mean ‘a god.’ . . . Its absence makes theos quite different than the definite ho theos, as different as ‘a god’ is from ‘God’ in English.” BeDuhn adds: “In John 1:1, the Word is not the one-and-only God, but is a god, or divine being.” Or to put it in the words of Joseph Henry Thayer, a scholar who worked on the American Standard Version: “The Logos [or, Word] was divine, not the divine Being himself.”

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