Can you help with this life issue?

I understand and accept the churches position on pro life.
It was called into question, when my sister had a complicated pregnancy.
She then had a 4 year old daughter as well.
the pregnancy could have resulted in tremendous complication, that may or may not have cost my sisters life.
upon discussions with a priest, i always assumed the answer would be black and white - that is, our stance should always be for life (i.e. to complete the pregnancy) - at all costs. i was very surprised to hear the priest give a more “grey” answer - that is, the issue is not as black and white and we cannot assume to “risk my sister’s life” as it were.

what is the Catholic answer for this situation?
is it at all acceptable to even consider abortion when the price of sustaining the pregnancy maybe at the cost of the mother’s life?

thank you, and God bless your ministry.

Dear friend,

Under NO circumstances are we allowed to take innocent human life. Father meant well, but the advice he gave is not what the Church teaches. What we must do in such circumstances is not to take matters into our own hands, but follow the teachings of the Church, putting our trust completely in God. No problem is too big for Him. I am asking all who read this to pray for your sister. I will pray also.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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