Can you help with this matter of Anointing?

I have a friend (in another town) who has COPD so bad that he is now in the hospital on the ventilator and not doing well. He has pneumonia and has recently contracted the MRSA virus. He’s been away from the church for quite some time but was a highly decorated Knight of the Altar when we were kids in Catholic school. His wife is not Catholic but was open to me calling a priest in their town to give in the Anointing of the Sick. The priest visited the hospital but there was a mix-up mostly due to her lack of knowledge about the sacrament and the sacrament was not administered. That was before MRSA hit. I talked to the wife and assured her of the special nature of the sacrament and she contacted the priest, apologizing for not understanding. He called the next day to find out about trying again and she warned him about the MRSA and told him he’d have to get gowned up and covered to see him (because that’s what she was told she’d have to do). Two days later and it appears the priest has given up.
Sorry, my question is, if I traveled to the hospital, could a priest administer the sacrament using my hands? Or could he administer it with protective gloves on? Do I have any other options to get this old friend the sacrament? I feel like the devil is providing resistance but also that my friend’s eternal soul is on the line.


The priest would have to do the anointing, but he certainly may use gloves. The Anointing will remove all sins. He will not have to go to Confession. This should be easier for him.
We will keep him in prayer.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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