Can you help with this unusual inquiry?

“Unusual” is right!
I have had the screen name “PastGrandKnight” for several years. It is a title given to members of the Knights of Columbus once they have stepped down from the position of Grand Knight.
Now, through a very odd set of circumstances, I have been asked (as of 3 months ago) to re-assume the position of Grand Knight, as the council has been having difficulty in finding leadership. I reluctantly accepted, and in June was elected to the position for what is now my third term in that office. Accordingly, I have also removed the reference of “PGK” after any letters regarding the Knights of Columbus, and replaced it with Grand Knight.
My question is this: What about my screen name? Should I change it to Grand Knight? Or, should I leave it as it is? My instinct tells me I should leave it as it is. After the term is over and a successor is elected, I will again be a PGK instead of a GK. At the same time, I do not wish to mislead anyone with my screen name, as it accurately reflected my position at the time I chose it.
Your comments and opinions will be gratefully accepted and welcomed.

PastGrandKnight…now a GK once again.

P.S. I am not looking to start a long chain of messages with this inquiry. Just 1 or 2 replies should tell me all I really need to know.


The point of having a handle or screen name, as you call it, is not so that people will know who you are, but precisely so that they will NOT know who you are. It provides the inquirer the ability to ask a question while remaining anonymous. So it really doesn’t matter what your screen name is. I suggest that you leave it as it is.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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