Can you identify this Christmas procession song?

I’ve been wondering about this for years.

When I was a child attending parochial school in Phoenix in the 1960s, at Christmas time we would do a procession in honor of the Nativity story. We walked around the Church grounds, with different students (or groups) assigned to sing parts and responses waiting at different spots to sing the parts of shepherds, Magi, and so forth when the main body of students marched over to them. I remember really looking forward to it each year. The only part I can remember for sure is when the students honored to sing the part of Mary and Joseph ask an innkeeper to grant them room at the inn, and the innkeeper responds:

Who knocks at our portal, to rouse us from slumber?
We’ve troubles aplenty, and guests without number!
(Repeat twice)

I attended a school and parish that was largely Mexican-American, and I think the procession song also included parts in Spanish (if my memory is not confusing a song that was not part of this procession), and I have the impression this song tradition may have begun in Mexico.

I think part of the procession had Mary sing to the infant Jesus (in Spanish as best I can remember it - I apologize, I don’t speak much Spanish so this is from shaky memory)

Ai, que lindo, Ai, que bello,
Que gracio, el nino esta!

Does this sound remotely familiar to anyone? I’d really like to find a written copy of this song again. :confused:,_Jeanette,_Isabella

Thanks, Rainaldo - that’s another Christmas processional song, but it’s not the one I remember, though.

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