Can you identify this possible Saint?

My daughter is a catholic missionary and is staying at a Host home. There is a picture of this Nun on the room she is staying in. Can anyone tell me who she is? Is she a Saint?

Thank you.!


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It might help to reveal what country. The picture could even be a family member. I have one such photo of a great aunt who was a nun.

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My daughter is in The United States.

Can she ask her hosts?

She says she will, but it seems like they are pretty much letting the missionaries have the house to themselves. So hopefully she will get the chance. I just thought that maybe she was well known (the Nun), just not known to me.

She reminds me a bit of Saint Marianne Cope


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I don’t even recognize the habit. Not a Carmelite, not a Benedictine. Possibly a Poor Clare?


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In Hawaii? If so, it is almost certainly Saint Marianne Cope, a contemporary of Saint Damien De Veuster.

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Thank you all! She does resemble all of these suggestions! I will look into them.

The habit does not look correct for St. Marianne Cope or for any of the other US Catholic sister saints (St. Katherine Drexel, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, St. Theodore Guerin, St. Elizabeth Seton).

I’ll look some more.

Thank you! I appreciate the help.

Here’s a clue: Sister at the front right is wearing exact same habit and pectoral cross. Trying to identify the order. It may be one of the many Daughters of Charity / Sisters of Charity orders.


The habit is the one of Sisters of Providence


Yes, I agree. I just reached the same conclusion myself looking at pictures of them.

The habit appears to be the Sisters of Providence of St Mary of the Woods in Indiana and the habit is from the late 1800s - early 1900s. The congregation was founded by St. Mother Theodore Guerin, but the OP’s photo is not of her, as Mother Theodore Guerin looks different and also wore an older style habit because she lived many years earlier.

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The sister in the front looks a lot like the sister in the picture!


An appeal to Saint Anthony of Padua for the ‘lost identity’ may yield results. He will certainly hear your prayer.


I noticed that too, Angel. I wonder if she is a sister who was a past superior or perhaps a head of a school they ran.

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Yes she does look like The Sisters of Providence! Exactly the same! Wonderful. Part of the mystery is solved.

I reached out to the order on Facebook and sent them the picture. They said they will give it to their archivist to see if that person can identify the sister.

Edited to add, they are asking which Mission House the photo is hanging in. bethkay, I know you might not want to get specific with that info on the forum or even in PM here. Perhaps if you have Facebook you could message the order directly? Feel free to message me if you want the URL of their FB page.

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