Can you locate this reference from Irenaeus?

In studying the catechism on baptism, I ran across this reference to St. Irenaeus.

[paragraph 1274] St. Irenaeus, Dem ap. 3:SCh 62,32

Can you point to the place on the Vatican website or the Catholic Encyclopedia or elsewhere to which this footnote refers? I can read English, but not Latin, by the way.


  1. Now, that we may not suffer ought of this kind, we must needs hold the rule of the faith without deviation,7 and do the commandments of God, believing in God and fearing Him as Lord and loving Him as Father. Now this doing is produced |72 by faith: for Isaiah says: If ye believe not, neither shall ye understand.10 And faith is produced by the truth; for faith rests on things that truly are. For in things that are, as they are, we believe; and believing in things that are, as they ever are, we keep firm our confidence in them. Since then faith is the perpetuation of our salvation, we must needs bestow much pains on the maintenance thereof, in order that we may have a true comprehension of the things that are. Now faith occasions this for us; even as the Elders, the disciples of the Apostles, have handed down to us. First of all it bids us bear in mind that we have received baptism for the remission of sins, in the name of God the Father, and in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who was incarnate and died and rose again, and in the Holy Spirit of God. And that this baptism is the seal of eternal life, and is the new birth unto God, that we should no longer be the sons of mortal men, but of the eternal and perpetual God; and that what is everlasting and continuing is made God;11 and is over all things that are made, and all things are put under Him; |73 and all the things that are put under Him are made His own; for God is not ruler and Lord over the things of another, but over His own;12 and all things are God’s; and therefore God is Almighty, and all things are of God.


From: Irenaeus, “The proof of Apostolic Preaching”

**"baptism is the seal of eternal life ",the,seal,of,eternal,life#highlight

quote appears within pg 72 reference point

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Thank you very much. That is helpful.

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