Can you make a vow to make certain future vows invalid?

I compulsively make vows(they basically control my life and I make them like every minute :frowning: )

It’s terrible. To combat this, I think I made a vow to make certain future vows invalid. Basically, “certain” means these compulsive vows. Ones like marriage vows,public vows, promises made to others, etc. are still valid.

Can I do this? I want that vow that combats compulsive ones to be valid.


First and foremost welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Secondly, No you cannot make a vow to make other future vows invalid. They don’t work that way. There’s a good explanation and how to do vows in the CIC [Code of Canon Law]. If you cannot find it I will post the revelant canons.

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Paragraph 2102

“A vow is a deliberate and free promise made to God concerning a possible and better good which must be fulfilled by the virtue of religion.” A vow is an act of devotion in which the Christain dedicates himself to God or promises some good work. By fulfilling his vows he renders to God what has been promised and consecrated to Hiim. The Act of the Apostles show us St. Paul concerned to fulfill his vows he had made."

What you are making does not seem to fall into this explanation. I think what you are making are intentions, but that is my opinion. I would be very careful about making vows or promises seeing that you have admitted a tendency to make them compulsiively. I would get a spiritual director to help you sort through this.

God bless.

I only make the vow about compulsive OCdish vows being invalid. Other vows are valid though. I seriously need help. I make these compulsive vows like literally every minute.

They make me cry and ruin my life.

Whenever I tink about it, they just go on and on in my head and I make them automatically it seems. Are they valid if they’re not out loud???

Without trying to discourage you from seeking some therapy for what sounds like a psychological issue, I would just recommend that you take a few moments right now and pray, explaining to God that for some reason you have a compulsive tendency to make these instantaneous vows before you are really able to understand what you are doing. Ask Him kindly to ignore them if and when they arise, and I think He will!

if you are a minor you cannot make a binding vow at all
if you are making a vow about a religious matter or practice you must have permission of your confessor, bishop or religious superior, depending on the nature of the vow.
Every promise is not a vow.

If you have problems with compulsive behavior or OCD that express themselves as scrupulosity about piety and religion you need the help of a good priest as well as of a good psychologist. it is highly unlikely you will get any benefit from asking questions here that relate to behavior like this. find one good priest, confess to him all the time, follow his guidance, and take all these concerns to him.

remember that Jesus said of whom much is asked, much is forgiven, He knows, better than anyone, what you are struggling with and he is your best help. Simply talk to him, no promises, no drama, just talk to him. And listen.

You need to sit down with your priest and with a therapist who can help you with your issues.

yes im a minor, im 14. thanks :thumbsup:

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