Can you make deals with God?

Hi everyone.

I have been going through a difficult time in my life in which I need the help of God the most, however I feel like me just praying every night and a few times a day isin’t enough and so I was thinking of making a deal with him. Now I would like to know if this is allowed or not. If I break this deal or recant it, will God “curse” me? Thanks for all of your answers.

No you can’t make deals with God. He doesn’t want a deal with you. He wants all of you. He loves you, he wants your complete love in return.
God is God.
All loving

God is not a transaction or a wager, he is a person, a divine person.
Put yourself in his presence and listen to him. He never tires of your presence, even when you want to “make a deal” with him and be done with it. Even then he still wants to be with you.

Be patient, Be faithful.

Could not have put it any better.

Uhmm We are not in a position to make deals with God.

Because HE does not need us. We need Him.

Instead of trying to make a deal with Him, approach Him as if He was your earthly father and you needed to ask something from him.

You make your request and hope he can give what you requested from him, but even if he cannot or will not, you continue on loving him don’t you?

Well God can everything. But the question then is: What you are requesting from HIM, is it truly what is best for you?
He knows for sure and will only grant it if it is.
Either way we need to continue loving HIM for HE is TRULY our Father.

We don’t need to make a deal with God after our christening, that is our “deal” with God and it is enough. All the rest is up to us.

Where does Jephthah fit into all this?

I really don’t think this idea of deal making works, God moves in mysterious ways,
What you really want to happen,just doesn’t happen,so you pray and pray, and come up with a idea or two to make it happen, well it just simply does not work…
God gives what you need, not what you want,
Maybe you can’t have what you want,because maybe your not ready for it,maybe what you think you really want , in the long run,it might actually be wrong for you, maybe you will go off in life in a new direction so what it is you think you want will be of no purpose ,
Just be yourself, give yourself totally to god, and God will lead you the way,not in neon lights showing directions,but rather like breadcrumbs along your path in life…
Good luck

Yeah, not much to add except that making deals with God is closer to magic or sorcery so I’d try to avoid it (I think in desperation we all fell into that trap though). Also, it may not be God who answers.

Just pray constantly. Remember Christ Himself said to be persistant. Keep asking, if there’s no answer, ask again and again and again…etc.

The deal is the other way around.

You live by His commandments, nelieve in Him and die in a state of grace and He will allow you to spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

I’d be careful of that kind of thinking. We really can’t fulfill promises in the way that God can. We ask for our needs, He is faithful to provide them (even when we don’t ask for them ;)). If God doesn’t give us something, you can rest assured you did not need it. That can be painful at times when this happens but it is part of our ongoing sanctification.

Brilliant. If only I understood this when I was much younger :wink: :thumbsup:

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