Can you name be said when you're given communion?


One of our EMHCs distributes communion by saying the persons’s name (if she knows it), followed by “the body of Christ”.
Is this allowed? I personally find it very distracting. I try hard to not focus on the EMHC or myself when I receive, and to hear my name said is distracting.


I don’t know if it’s disallowed, but I can sure see how it would be distracting. When somebody says your name, they are entering into a personal conversation with you. The Mass, and especially the reception of Holy Communion, is not the place to engage somebody in a personal conversation.

And what about the people who’s names she doesn’t know, who hear her being chummy with the person in front? That’s got to make them feel in some way like second-class communicants.

All in all, it’s a feel-good gesture that is not well thought out, and not suitable, and adds exactly nothing to the liturgy.


My understanding is that this is not permitted :frowning:

However it is the norm in the Eastern Churches :slight_smile:

Here , if your name is unknown to the Priest , as you approach the Chalice you are expected to give your name.


You can’t be serious! :hypno:



We have a visiting 80 plus year old priest who gives communion by announcing your name if known to him.

I love this priest so much I don’t have the heart to tell him my name is not Katie.:stuck_out_tongue:


You’re in a parish community of friends, not strangers.

Saying my name . i.e. “Jim the Body of Christ,” is nice.

The EMHC’s in my parish do it all the time.



Well if I truly can’t be serious, then obviously I must not be serious. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.


Ahh, “Nice”. The new spirit of the liturgy. :slight_smile:


That is terribly cute. :slight_smile:


Oh, please. Can’t we find something of substance to concern ourselves with?

My priest does this, my parents’ priest does this, the pastor of my last church does this, and the pastor of the church I belonged to before that does this.

The rubrics don’t call for it in the West, but they don’t explicitly forbid it either. This is such a picayune thing to be upset over.


Personally, I like it. One of our deacons that I have known since before I became Catholic does this when I receive the Eucharist and it makes it more personal I guess, for lack of better words. I especially liked it before I got to know a lot of people because I had begun to feel kind of “alone” at Mass after Easter Vigil and all was over.


Who’s upset?


I don’t really prefer it, but it wouldn’t upset me if it did happen. I don’t want to focus on anything but receiving Holy Communion - not the priest or anything. This has happened to me before where I go on retreat because I know all the priests there and they know my name. So there, I expect it and am ready for it, but I do agree that it is a bit distracting.



It is not permitted as it brings special notice to specific communicants.


I read on an apologist’s page that while not forbidden, it should not be done because if the priests and EMHCs don’t know every person’s name then some people won’t have their name mentioned and could feel slighted. So, it seems to me, names should be mentioned for every one or for no one.


Where its done must be small parishes or the priest don’t change. Our priests typoically change every two years except the pasot who stayed for six.


So, if it upsets you when the EMHC says your name, don’t say Amen and don’t take communion. Go sit in the pew and pout, for you’re probably not properly disposed to to receive communion. :cool:



When I first became a Eucharistic Minister, I was told to use the recepient’s name if known. I was really surprised once when the Abbot of a monastery I was visiting used my name since we had never actually met. This was even more surprising because he did not use the names of the people I was staying with and they went there everyday.
I have not heard the use of individual names where I am now a parishioner, so I generally do not use the recepient name. I would rather be silent than use the wrong name.
We are all members of the Body of Christ.


Do me a favor. Never become somebody’s spiritual advisor. :slight_smile:


So according to this statement I take it that you disagree and that a person who goes up for communion and becomes upset because the EMHC says,"(Fill In The Name)" the body of Christ, should still receive? :rolleyes:


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