Can you name these heresies?


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I’m looking for the name of two heresies. If you know, please list them below. I’ll describe both the best that I can:

The first one… It’s the belief that all gods/goddesses/spiritual-figures are actually different manifestations of the same One God. (So basically it says Zeus, Athena, Buddha, “Spirit”, and Jesus- are all revelations of the One God).

The second one… The belief that all religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Paganism, etc) are equal paths/ways that all lead to the same end result.

I often notice that secular people ascribe to these heresies- while at the same time condemning anyone who holds to the Universal Truth of Christianity as intolerant/ignorant. Some Christians even agree with these things to show how they too, are tolerant, etc. I know that these are heresies because I’ve heard them mentioned as such; I just don’t remember the exact names for both of the heresies. They are common, annoying, and I look to defend Christianity against them. If you know, please list them below. Thank you!


The first is not a heresy, though in Catholic terms it’s poorly expressed. Catholic teaching on the subject states that other religions may have part of the truth, but only the Church has it in full. All who belong to other faiths are trying to worship God as best they can, they just have the wrong name :slight_smile: The Buddha is not worshiped as a deity though, just to be clear on that score.

The second is called religious pluralism.


I believe both could be classified as the heresy of “syncretism”.


Try this resource. You might find what you are specifically looking for here:


Oh I know :). But because Buddha was a religious figure, people often suggest that he and Jesus are the same being.


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