Can you name this movie?

This is a long-shot, but it’s worth a try. I am desperately trying to remember the name of a movie I saw at least a year or two ago. It was a low-budget independent film I’m fairly sure was on Sundance Channel.

It involved two young women, just out of college and starting jobs as teachers. One is Muslim, and one Orthodox Jewish. They quickly befriend each other, even though according to their respective cultures, they are not supposed to. They are also both looking to get married and they both question if they want to stay in their religion or not. The point of the movie is that even though Muslims and Jews have such a history of hatred and animosity, their lives are actually very similar - including how they dress, the importance of family, the courtship process, diet.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the film or any of the actors. There’s a good chance it was filmed and takes place in New York City.
Can anyone help me?

Name of the movie is Arranged. Came out in 2007

You can find out more about the movie by going to (it stands for Internet Movie Data Base). Put in the name of the movie and there is plenty of information provided.


Thank you so much!! I have been trying to drive myself crazy trying to think of it.

Great movie!

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