Can you please help me?

Hi im a guy. i was talking to this girl i didnt know. i sent her a pic of my face and my abbs. she sent me a picture of her bare chest. i was not ready for it. she told me to send a pic of my private area. i sent her a pic of anothers persons private area i got on google images. Is sexting wrong?! please help im scared.


Well you are certainly a guy; you are not a man—yet! Get a clue. Of course, sexting is wrong! If your only interest in women is about how they can give you sexual pleasure, then such women will only be interested in you for their own pleasure as well. They won’t be the least bit interested in you for yourself—just as you are not really interested in them for themselves. Are these the kinds of women you would consider for a wife and the mother of your children?

You say that you are scared. Of course, you are! Such preoccupation with self is self-destructive. You need to look deeper. Look for women who have character and self-respect. Start by respecting yourself. There is so much more to you than how sexy you appear. You need to consider how unselfish you want to be. To really love another person is to put that person’s welfare before your own. Sacrifice is the real measure of love. We know how much we love others by how willing we are to put ourselves out for them. Our Blessed Lord showed us how to love. He sacrificed His very life for us.

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You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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