Can you point me to a prayer book like this?

I recently arrived back home after two hours in Eucharistic Adoration and it was a huge blessing. I’m not even Catholic yet (currently going through RCIA) and I found it to be revealing, uplifting, inspiring and humbling all at the same time.

I have a question…

I like the collection of prayers and devotions contained in this web page on EWTN. In fact, there were copies of a few of these burned off and lying on a small table in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament that I visited today.

Can someone point me to a nice prayer book, a (maybe) leather bound collection of most if not all the prayers on this EWTN page?



P.S. Eucharistic Adoration was all you guys said it might be and more! I thought I’d spent about an hour in the Chapel. When I came out, refreshed and more certain than ever I’m on the right path, I saw that two full hours had elapsed!


I have a paperback book called “An Hour With Jesus” by the Riehle Foundation, p.o. box 7, Milford, Ohio 45150, (513)-576-0032 , 1994. It has hour long meditations for adoration and prayers in it. Its pretty good. Tim

Check out this Handbook of Prayers. Click where it says “LOOK INSIDE!”, and you can take a look at the index. Most of the ones on the EWTN site are there in the index. I love this prayerbook, I think I pick it up everyday for one reason or another!

That looks like a very good one, thank you for the recommendation.

check out the religious catalog on the EWTN site for prayerbooks

my personal favorite is Fr John Hardon’s Catholic Prayer Book.

we just had a recent thread on this topic, and there were a lot of very good suggestions, and book reviews, take a look

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