Can you pray for my father?


My father is going into a very risky surgery tomorrow.

He is a devout Catholic convert who converted to Catholicism as an adult.

He needs a quadruple bypass and it scares me to death because he is my hero and the person I look to for strength.

However, even though I call myself Catholic, I am for homosexual marriage, and think the abortion issue should be dealt with by women since it effects women more then men.

I know I’m considered bad in the Catholic faith, but my father does not deserve to be punished based on my decisions.

While I am not able to change my opinions while being honest, I want God to protect my father.

This is really me reaching out while being honest, so I pray for your kindness.

He taught me to be strong, but while I am firm in my beliefs, I don’t want to lose him because our beliefs differ.

Please don’t give me a hard time for being against certain Catholic teachings, I know I am, and this is not the time.

Dear friend,

Be assured of our prayers for your father. I will remember him at the altar tomorrow. I will also remember you and pray that you accept all the teachings of Christ’s Church, including the ones you don’t fully understand.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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