Can you pray to mary too much?


I am a recent convert to the Catholic faith (formerly an Episcopalian).

I now pray the Rosary twice per day. Sometimes, I feel like it almost puts me into a trance. When I focus on it, all of the worries of the world go away, and I never feel closer to God (except during Adoration or the Mass). The Rosary is a beautiful thing, and I feel sorry for Protestants who never experience it.

After I pray the Rosary in the morning, I ask Mary to pray for me for a variety of things. But then when I pray to God directly, I find that I don’t always mention all of the things that I mentioned to Mary, and the ones that I do mention to God don’t get mentioned as strongly (since I’ve already discussed them with Mary).

Am I doing the right thing?


Welcome Home!

Yes you are. Mary is a powerful intercessor Some of the things you don’t mention to God really isn’t a problem, for Mary has done it for you.


There is no conflict between prayer to Mary and prayer to God - for being glorified in heaven she is like Him for she sees Him as He really is. This is what Scriptures say will happen to all of us who go to Heaven. In other words Mary and the other Saints have no will but God’s.


Praying the Rosary twice a day is fine and the others have answered your main question, so I wanted to suggest something that might help you balance your prayer life.

Start praying the Liturgy of the Hours in a form approved for lay people. You can start with something like Magnificat Magazine (which has Morning, Evening prayer, Night prayer, the daily Mass readings with meditation by Saints and other reliable Catholic authors. Or you can get a copy of Shorter Christian Prayer which is a bit more complex than Magnificat magazine but is the simple form of the LOTH. Ask your DRE or priest about it.

Praying the daily Office is praying the prayer of the Church along with all the people of God. It will help ground you in your Catholic faith.


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