Can you pray to those still living on earth who are in the Body of Christ?


Can one only hear prayers in Heaven with the Beatific Vision? Jesus is the vine. The vine of which we are the branches…can only the branches which are eternally holy hear our prayers?

If you pray to someone on earth, could they subconsciously hear your prayer?

Your opinion and the Church’s, please.


because the word prayer simply means ‘to ask you can’ certainly pray to a Christian who is still on earth anything that you want. As we aren’t psychic, I think that you would have to do so outloud though.:slight_smile:

Once you are in heaven you will be beyond space and time. At that point, yes, you will be able to hear your loved ones. Remember with God all things are possible.


I’m just wondering if God has made it possible to- without speaking- to pray to others on earth.


Some of the great Saints like sister Faustina did indeed know when she was being prayed for and at certain times could actaully hear their prayers for her. She also would have a vision of someone asking for prayer or she would hear the words internally.


So she knew when others prayed to God for her? And when others were asking her for prayer(as in…in their minds)?

That’s interesting…


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