Can you re-use baptismal candles?


I have heard this both ways (in favor and against) but I would appreciate some clarification.

Is it necessary to have separate baptismal candles for each child’s baptism? Or can they all share the same one?


I think each child should have their own candle - each has their own Baptism to celebrate. A nice custom is to re-light the candle at the family celebration of each child’s First Communion and Confirmation.


Each of my children was given a baptismal candle at the ceremony. It was provided by the church.


I don’t think you are going to find any hard and fast rules about this, only personal preferences.**

The candle presented during the rite of Baptism is a symbol of the light of Christ which comes into the child’s life thru Baptism. Some might feel that there is a greater symbolism in each child receiving their own individual momento of their baptism. Others might value the symbolism of siblings (or even other family members) each being presented with the very same candle, similar to the custom of using a family christening garment.

**It probably needs to be said that of course you might run into “a hard and fast rule” at the parish level.


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