Can you recommend a Bible for beginners?

Hi, I am Catholic and recently started looking into buying a Bible but really don’t know which one to buy and where. I am new at reading the Bible so I would prefer one that is easy to understand. Any suggestions? Thank you for your consideration.

For a superior Catholic translation I heartily recommend the Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition (RSV:CE), particularly if you are able to find a user-friendly printing that includes notes, subheads, margins, and markable paper. While you are searching for such an edition, this web site is helpful for comparing another translation’s passage to the RSV’s rendering of the passage.

If you are unable to find a user-friendly printing of the RSV:CE, or if you are looking for a simpler translation for personal devotional reading, I find the New American Bible (NAB) to be useful for spiritual reading (as opposed to serious Scripture study, for which you do really need the RSV:CE or the web site linked above). The NAB is readily available in user-friendly printings and should be found in your local Catholic bookstore.

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