Can you recommend a book about the rosary?


Hi. I love to pray the rosary, and i want to learn more about it, maybe to pray it better. Do you have any book suggestion?(i already read rosarium viriginis Maria)


De Monfort’s Secret of the Rosary is also good. Unfortunately, that’s all I got.


do you have a link to an online free edition?


This isn’t a complete version, but I might be able to find more later.


A very detailed informative book about the Rosary is “Champions of the Rosary” by Father Donald Calloway


I found a better link here




Do you have a link?


The Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis Fr Monfort.


this is the order that Father Calloway belongs to:

I’ll list some other Rosary books by Father Calloway:


“Praying the Rosary Like Never Before” by Edward Sri is a good book. Straightforward.


The Rosary: Chain of Hope by Father Benedict Groeschel.


The Rosary in Space and Time by Ruth Rees


Do you have a link to a free text?


It’s a new’ish book so I’m not aware of any legal free copies that would be around.


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