Can you recommend a good Daily Mass book?

I am wanting to buy a Missal. I have looked on-line and in a catalog and I did not expect there to be so many choices. I use to subscribe to the Magnificat, but the readings did not always align. I would like something that has more than just the readings. I want to follow the Mass closer, so I can hear and read what is happening and that will help me focus. How does one decide on a Missal (is there a way to know if one aligns better with the Missals we use in our Church)?

For the time being, I would suggest that you re-subscribe to Magnificat. Let me explain why. The USCCB is in the process of finally getting approval on the new (and correct) translation of the Roman Missal. If you were to plunk down $100 for the Daily Roman Missal, it would be obsolte by next year since everything will have changed. I have learned that lesson and will have to shell out another $100 next year when the new Missal will come out. I use both the Magnificat and the Daily Roman Missal. I love the reflections that Magnificat offers and I also like having the option of saying Morning and Evening Prayer.

Thanks for saving me money…it certainly makes sense to wait in light of the changes. I think I will go back to the Magnificat for the time being.

I love Living With Christ.

I tried Magnifcat for a month or so last summer, but I ended up resubscribing to LWC for the next 3 years.

I looked at LWC, but, it did not have enough for me. Furthermore, I was asked to proclaim the readings during a Mass for the Youth Cursillo. We did not have an English lectionary. When the spiritual director gave me the LWC to proclaim from, I told him that I would rather use my Magnificat (did not have my DRM with me) because the format looked more like the lectionary than LWC did. I also love the fact that Magnificat has the ritual for benediction and exposition, as well as the Mass prayers in Latin.

Different strokes… I think that Magnificat had too much for me. I liked the daily reflections, but most days, I felt like they were written for someone a whole lot smarter than myself. I use Shorter Christian Prayer, so I really didn’t need the morning and evening prayers. And I think that partly, it’s a matter of what is familiar to you. I’ve used LWC for the past couple of years, so there was something comfortable about it. And while not the deciding factor, LWC was a lot easier on the pocket book than Magnificat.

I would recommend The Word Among Us. The Word Among Us is what I subscribe to, and I really like it. The first one I had was a gift from a priest that was doing a parish mission with us and he gave one to everybody. I loved it so much that I bought a year subscription. I would recommend that you buy the subscription with the Daily Meditations as well as the Mass Readings. It gives you something to read and focus on before Mass begins.

What you might want to do is subscribe to the daily Mass readings that are available online (they have a free 2 week subscription for trial purposes), and print them out. If they are suitable, then buy it. :smiley:

What’s the status on this new Roman missal that is coming out? ETA?

I use to subscribe to the Magnificat, but the readings did not always align.

Magnificat gives only the daily readings as given in the Lectionary.

For a daily Mass, the priest might well have a choice between the weekday readings, common or proper readings of the Saint of the day, or for a Votive mass.

And then, different dioceses or provinces might well have their own proper observances.

You can’t expect a small publication to keep track of all these variations.

Final part is to be voted on this November, if it passes (or the Vatican says enough!) it may be as early as a year from then (probably 1st Sunday in Advent 2010 or 2011).

Yes, from what I heard, the translations will go on as schedule with or without the USCCB. I have set forth an email campaign to the bishops to ask them to support the new translations. So far, I have heard from Bishop Serratelli (the chair of the Bishops’ Committee on Liturgy) and the Metropolitan of San Antonio. Mine has not written back yet.


Thank you for the work you’ve done - It sounds as if you’ve been very busy, and members of CAF should be grateful.

The part of the Mass that doesn’t change (No Propers but almost everything else) can be downloaded here:
Scroll down & Click where it reads The Order of Mass for a pdf copy of the “STUDY TEXT”
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]
I hope this will provide you with the document you need… From what I understand, the Translations a pretty much finished and are awaiting commentary and approval.[/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS] This means there might be some minor changes. I would hope that, as intelligent Catholics, we might discuss those here, and distill them down so the Bishops could have the BEST input the LAITY could give them…

In that spirit… I propose that all members of CAF who can, download a pdf copy of the new Translation (It’s a huge improvement over the one we’re using now), study it, and start a thread to discuss it…

Your Brother & Servant in Christ, Michael[/FONT]

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