Can you recommend a good prayer for discernment?

I have three friends who were diagnosed with cancer in the last month and all of them need to make very difficult treatment decisions.

Do any of you have a good prayer you can share?

I vaguely remember one to the Holy Spirit asking him to make the right answer strong in my heart and the wrong answers to fizzle out, but I can’t remember the actual words. I’d love to share the prayer with my friends - all who are not Catholic - if I can find the words.

My heart felt sympathies and prayers go out to your friends.

I don’t have a structured prayer but may I suggest you urge your friends to open their hearts to the lord (if they haven’t already) and for them to ask him for discernment in their own words. My opinion is that plain talk to the Lord is better than a structured prayer any day.

Someone on this forum once posted that [structured] prayers are best for those times when you need to talk to God but don’t know what to say. I thought that was so beautiful and I’m sorry I never thanked him for that. Now I can’t remember where it was.

God Bless

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