Can you say a Rosary on Good Friday?

Well, the topic is my question, really!

I’m going to my Parish’s liturgy in a short while, but I wasn’t sure if it’s permissible to say a Rosary during the day?


Yes, absolutely. I think that meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries would be a great way to pray today. (Of course, during the liturgy you would be focusing on the liturgy, but afterwards a Rosary would be fine.)

I certainly hope it’s okay to say the Rosary today since I did say it this morning. The Sorrowful Mysteries take on more meaning today since it’s Good Friday.

That’s my feeling too, pigtown. I usually like to say 10 decades during all of Lent. In the morning I say the five Sorrowful mysteries and during my evening devotions I say the five mysteries that are generally associated with whatever day of the week it is. All prayer is good, I feel, and in this way I try to make my praying of the Rosary as symbologically valid as I can.:thumbsup:

Why would it not be?


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