Can you see Christ?


I have received this Forward more than once it is supposed to be an optical illusion and of course it is attached with a chain letter.:rolleyes:

I know that the people who send these types of email mean no harm. I delete these types of emails right away, I don’t have to Forward them to 100+ people just to prove I believe in Jesus.

Anyways, when I receive this particular email I always reply back to the sender saying, “No. I don’t see Jesus. I see a man that appears to look like Elizabethan times.” ie/Nicholas Hilliard or William Shakespeare."

Can I see Christ? In this particular picture no…But, I do all the time :slight_smile:


I certainly see a face, but I have no idea why anyone would assume it is the face of Jesus.


Yes-look at the left of the large tree on the upper right side of the picture-above the braches of the smaller tree .


Looks like Darth Vader.


It took me a few minutes to see it… but finally, I saw a man with a beard.

Is this a natural photograph? Or has it been “touched up”? It looks “touched up” to me… <but again, bad peepers :hypno:>

I don’t necessarily view it as the Face of Christ. I’m not inclined to “see” Our Lord and Our Lady in paint splotches, tree trunks, streaky glass, moldy bread slices or apple cores <NO visions have been reported in all these things… that I know of; just using them as examples>.

If it came in a chain letter… I’d just delete it.


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