Can you still visit the tomb of Thomas a Becket?

I am British, although not currently living in the UK. I am interested in visiting the tomb of a great English saint Thomas a Becket. His tomb was at Canterbury Cathedral where he was murdered. The Cathedral was Catholic but from the time of the reformation it has been Anglican. When I look at the website I cannot find any information about Becket’s tomb. Does anyone know if it is still at the Cathedral and can it still be venerated?

OK I will answer my own question as I found this video which clearly shows the shrine is still within the cathedral.

Edit: hang on, I just read the comments and apparently Becket’s body was destroyed. Does anyone know the answer? I was also surprised to see Mass offered in a (currently) Anglican Cathedral but they must’ve had permission from the correct authorities to do this I imagine…?

This book looks interesting…
See paragraph 2.

There also is a small memorial shrine at the spot in the cathedral where Becket was killed.

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