Can you stomach one more Emily Rose post?

ok, I saw this movie again last night on Lifetime. What can I say? Not big fan of OU or Florida if you know what I mean…

I do like this movie and think really well made. But couple questions maybe you more perceptive folks can help clear up…

  1. At the end of the movie, they state this is a true story and in fact, give updates on the Priest and his lawyer. Also said Emily’s gravesite is somewhat of a shrine now. So where did this take place and when? They didn’t say it was based on a composite of several other stories, so I have to assume based on one person.

  2. Why did the Archdiocese get the Priest a high powered attorney, but yet, would not bail him out of jail for the duration of the trail? The Priest said the Bishop did authorize the exorcism, so why didn’t they back him up on it? Poetic license maybe?

  3. I am assuming, but we really don’t know for sure, that the 3am hauntings of the attorney stopped after the trail. Did God then permit them to occur during the trail so she would also believe?

  4. I understand the Virgin Mother in the movie gave Emily a choice to continue to be possessed or she could come home with her. Why not just let her live, but be free of the demons? Was her body already too ravished to allow her to live maybe?

Thanks for helping me tie up these loose ends…

My understanding is that the movie is actually *based *on a true story about a girl from Germany. The priests were, like in the movie, found guilty of negligent homicide and served jail time, and the Vatican later declared the girl (I don’t remember her name off the top of my head) was in fact mentally ill and not possessed.

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