Can you suggest a Scripture reading for a 50th wedding anniversary?


I have been ask to read a Bible verse or prayer for the celebration of a fiftieth wedding anniversary. Any suggestions?


Here’s one possibility:

When the door was shut and the two were alone [on their wedding night], Tobias got up from the bed and said [to his wife Sarah], “Sister, get up, and let us pray that the Lord may have mercy upon us.” And Tobias began to pray, “Blessed art thou, O God of our fathers, and blessed be thy holy and glorious name for ever. Let the heavens and all thy creatures bless thee. Thou madest Adam and gavest him Eve his wife as a helper and support. From them the race of mankind has sprung. Thou didst say, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; let us make a helper for him like himself.’ And now, O Lord, I am not taking this sister of mine because of lust, but with sincerity. Grant that I may find mercy and may grow old together with her.” And she said with him, “Amen” (Tobit 8:4-8).

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