Can you take communion if not married in the Catholic church?

I am wondering if you have been married for 5 years and were married in a chapel that was not Catholic are you still able to take communion? Am I no longer considered Catholic because I made this choice? My husband is not Catholic so we decided not to get marriend in the church.

No. You are in an invalid marriage if you did not receive a dispensation from Catholic form.


You made a choice that has placed you in an invalid marriage. Why you made that choice isn’t relevant at this point.

The good news is, provided that there are no prior marriages on either of your parts, it should be fairly easy for you to have your marriage convalidated and return to the Sacraments.

Please go see your priest.

If you received permission from your diocese to marry outside the Church you may receive Communion.

Without this dispensation your marriage will not be considered valid, sacramentally, meaning that you are not permitted to receive the Eucharist.

It would be best to go to Reconciliation and talk to the priest about it.

Did you get permission to marry outside the Catholic Church? If you did then everything is fine. If you didn’t then you are in an invalid marriage.

You are still a Catholic, but if you’re in an invalid marriage you are not in a state of grace and cannot receive Communion. It is easy to remedy the situation, just approach your pastor and inquire about a convalidation.

So whether you are in or out of a ‘valid’ marriage is decided by a man on Earth and not God? A marriage may ‘not be considered valid’? By whom? Sounds a bit like applying for a dispensation from a club secretary rather than something higher than any of us here in this physical world.

I would suggest making an effort to understand Catholic teaching before rushing to post messages in this combative tone would be more productive. Catholics are obliged to marry within the Church as they give due obedience ot those set in authority over them and should take very seriously the discipline and rules of the Church. Incidentally I am married to a non Catholic and so I have personal experience of this topic. You will find the subject is far more nuanced than the view you presenting and you will also find that similar disciplines are present in all the apostolic Churches, indeed some are more strict than the Catholic Church.

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I didn’t notice that, now you mention it I will withdraw and comply with board rules about not pulling back these threads from the grave.

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