Can you tell if a church group us led by the holy spirit?


Can you tell if a church group is led by the holy spirit?

How does the gift of spiritual decernment work with you?

Can you tell if someone is lying?

Or trying to manipulate you?


All I can say is ASK the Holy Spirit in prayer if He is with this group, if He wants this group to continue in the Church and grow, if He agrees with what is being done by this group?


If you are in a Catholic charismatic group…as I wonder why you’d be asking the question…
prudence is necessary.
Sometimes people can confuse emotion with inspiration from the Holy Spirit, and some can do so regularly, even if the bible is quoted or ‘word of knowledge’ is offered.
You can’t be certain where things come from, whether from what the person feels or from the Lord’s inspiration
Pray that the Holy Spirit guides you, and trust Him that He will.
Run everything past the truths of the Church and Catechism,
and keep fairly simply to the truth.
Prayer and praise, and always, first, the Sacraments, above all the source and summit of Catholic life is the Eucharist.


Are you in a Charismatic group?


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